Institute research presented at conference in Moscow

Institute research presented at conference in Moscow

The conference, titled Science Policies: Achievements, Problems, and Prospects (part of the Boiling Point cycle), was organized to celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Directorate of Research and Technology Programs, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia and held at NUST MISIS.

KFU was represented by Head of the Laboratory of Enhanced Oil Recovery Mikhail Varfolomeev and Deputy Director of IGPT, Head of the Laboratory of the State and Evolution of Underground Reservoirs Vladislav Sudakov.

Dr Varfolomeev contributed to the Science for Business breakout session. He spoke about technological challenges in the petroleum industry and current state policies in research support, including those used for the Center for Liquid Hydrocarbons, a consortium where Kazan University serves as the lead institution.

Dr Sudakov joined a breakout session with Gazpromneft and reported on KFU’s cooperation with the company.

“The session presented the experience of a number of companies as well as scientific organizations. We presented the experience of Kazan University within the framework of the Center for Liquid Hydrocarbons, reflecting the interaction between science and business. During the entire period of the Center for Liquid Hydrocarbons’ activity our scientists have been carrying out fundamental developments, creating the basis for enhanced oil recovery technology and specialized chemistry. And then our developments are used to solve specific tasks of oil and gas companies. Our experience allows us to enter the industry with ready-made solutions and solve real challenges,” comments Mikhail Varfolomeev.

The Kazanites conveyed congratulations on behalf of KFU to Director of the Directorate for Science and Technology Progams Alexander Dvoinikov.