Timeline of the Institute

1804 – Imperial Kazan University established by Emperor Alexander I; one of the departments was enganged in physical and mathematical research with elements of Earth sciences

1840 – Mineralogy Cabinet established and headed by Peter Wagner (1799 – 1876)

1863 – Department of Geological Knowledge and Paleontology established; currently known as Department of Paleontology and Stratigraphy (since 2013)

1944 – Department of Geophysical Methods of Mineral Exploration established

1952 – Department of General Geology and Hydrogeology established

1954 – Department of Oil and Gas Geology established to serve the recently discovered Romashkino oilfield in the eastern part of Tatarstan

1960s – Kazan State University and Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry establish cooperation to comprehensively research physical and chemical properties of hydrocarbons in Tatarstan. The institutions together run the Joint Department of Petroleum Chemistry (since 2014)

2010 – Kazan Federal University established after a merger of several local institutions in the Republic of Tatarstan

2011 – the Faculty of Geology becomes the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies

2011 – Department of Petroleum, Gas and Carbon Materials Technology established

2014 – Joint Department of Metrology and Petroleum and Gas Flow Measurement Techniques established in cooperation the All-Russian Research Institute of Flow Measurement

2016 – Department of Petroleum Engineering established