Department of Petroleum, Gas and Carbon Materials Technology

Chair: Alim Kemalov, Doctor of Science, Professor

Phone: + 7 843 2535157


Address: Kazan, ulitsa Salikha Saydasheva 12, building 3, room 415



Automation of technological processes

Evaluation of hydrocarbon projects

Physical chemistry of hydrocarbons

Chemistry of oil and gas and their refining


Transport and storage of oil and oil products

Instrumental methods of analysis in oil and oil product studies

Computer modeling of hydrogenation processes of heavy oil refining

Project management and planning in oil and gas industry

Oilfield management

Basic processes of oil refining and gas refining

Engineering experiments

Basics of modeling in oil and gas production

Petroleum and chemical engineering (English course)

Basics of workplace safety and industrial safety

Heavy oil refining

Failure-proofing of oil and gas equipment

Applied physical and chemical mechanics of dispersed oil systems

Design and equipment of the oil and gas industry

Production, transport and storage of liquefied natural gases

Engineering in environmental protection

Technology of construction and maintenance of pipelines and storage facilities

Wave technology in the oil and gas industry

Production technology of fuels, oils and carbon materials

Legal documentation in the oil and gas industry