Trofimuk Department of Petroleum and Gas Geology

Chair: Boris Uspensky, Doctor of Science, Professor

Phone: + 7 843 2337983


Address: Kazan, Kremlyovskaya 4/5, room 241


Bachelor courses

Fossil fuel geology

Basics of well drilling

Geology and geochemistry of petroleum and gas

Operation of oil and gas wells

Methods of reservoir and fluids studies

Oil production geology

Theoretical basics of exploration of oil and gas fields

Theoretical basics of oil and gas field development

Oil and gas production equipment

Oil and gas basins of the Commonwealth of Independent States

Oil and gas resources calculation and evaluation

Fundamentals of enhanced oil recovery

Oil reservoir physics

Computer data treatment in oil geology

Basics of computer modeling of oil and gas reservoirs

Master courses

Oil and gas basins of the world

Sequence stratigraphy

Calculations of oil and gas reserves

Oil and gas field engineering

Lithogenesis of oil and gas reservoirs

Applied organic geochemistry

Specifics of bitumen reservoir development