Department of Petroleum Engineering

Chair: Mikhail Varfolomeev, Candidate of Science, Associate Professor

Phone: + 7 843 2337977


Address: Kazan, ulitsa Kremlyovskaya 4/5, room 515a



Bachelor courses

Geology of oil and gas fields
Technological processes of oil production
Fundamentals of petroleum engineering
Development of oil fields
Hydraulics and hydromechanics of oil and gas
Geographical information systems
Mathematical modeling and data processing
Reservoir physics
Fundamentals of field preparation of oil and gas
Engineering of oil and gas production processes
Fundamentals of oil and gas processing
Oil and gas production operation
Well survey operation
Chemical analysis (lab assistant training)
Acquisition, preparation and storage of well products onshore and offshore
Development of oil and gas fields
Fundamentals of computer modeling of oil and gas field development
Contemporary technologies of heavy oil production
Fundamentals of automation of technological processes in oil and gas production

Master courses

3D modeling in oil and gas industry


Field and laboratory methods for studies of reservoir fluids

Wave and impulse techniques of reservoir and well studies

Development of heavy oil deposits

Horizontal wells

Acquisition and preparation of petroleum products

Analysis of sedmentation basins

Petrophysics and geomechanics

Offshore oil production

Basin modeling

Geophysical modeling

Geochemical modeling

Geological statistics