Department of Regional Geology and Minerals

Chair: Rafael Sungatullin, Doctor of Science, Professor

Phone: + 7 843 2928577, + 7 843 2337966


Address: Kazan, ulitsa Kremlyovskaya 4/5, room 220




Bachelor courses

Geology of Russia

Structural geology

Mineral geology


Geophysical well logging

Legal and economic aspects of geological exploration

Environmental geology

Crystal optics

Earth physics

Petrology of magma

Petrology of metamorphic complexes


Methods of mineral prospecting and exploration

Facies studies

Geo-ecological mapping

Mineral genesis

Rational resource use and protection of mineral reserves

Organization and planning in prospecting and exploration

Quaternary geology

Techniques of prospecting and exploration

Master courses

Economics, management and organization in geological exploration and resource use

Contemporary problems of geology

Magmatism and ore formation

Metamorphism, metasomatism, and ore formation

Historical mineral genesis

Exogenous ore formation

Forecasting, search and evaluation of mineral resources

Prospecting and geological-economic evaluations of mineral deposits

Types of mineral deposits

Metal genesis in geodynamic conditions

Testing of solid minerals

Geological interpretation of geophysical data

Geographical information in forecasting and exploration of mineral deposits

Basics of solid mineral production

Economics of minerals

Geological mapping

Geochemical methods of mineral exploration

Technological mineralogy

Enviromental and geographical studies in mineral deposit production

Ore microscopy

History and methodology of geological sciences

Documentation in mining and well drilling