Center for Liquid Hydrocarbons presented its work at ADIPEC 2023 in Abu Dhabi

Center for Liquid Hydrocarbons presented its work at ADIPEC 2023 in Abu Dhabi

The annual oil and gas forum was held on 2 – 5 October.

The 2023 event became the largest ever, having been attended by 160,000 visitors, comprising 350 thematic sessions with 1,600 contributors, including over 40 ministers and 120 executives of the energy sector. ADIPEC is organized by ADNOC, Ministry of Energy of UAE, and Society of Petroleum Engineers.

This year’s forum had four general tracks – decarbonization of the oil industry, marine logistics, digitization in energy, and industrialization expo. KFU was represented by Head of the Laboratory of Enhanced Oil Extraction Mikhail Varfolomeev, Head of the Laboratory of Research of the State and Evolution of Underground Reservoirs Vladislav Sudakov, Engineer Sergey Usmanov, and Junior Research Associate Maria Shipaeva.

“During the expo, we met with colleagues from a number of oil and oilfield services companies, and we have new agreements in in oil extraction projects,” commented Dr Varfolomeev.

In her report, JRA Shipaeva shared her inquiries in geochemical methods of reservoir research, “The technology of geochemical support of works on determination of inflow profile, evaluation of wells with hydraulic fracturing works performed, and evaluation of areas of injection of polymer compositions for oil recovery enhancement were presented.”

The Abu Dhabi region alone has about 10% of global oil reserves, and the Middle East as a whole – over two thirds.