Exchange students share their experience of studying in Kazan and Beijing

Exchange students share their experience of studying in Kazan and Beijing

Complex Data Analysis in Geosciences, the Institute’s master’s program in English, includes an exchange agreement between Kazan Federal University and China University of Petroleum signed in 2019.

This year, three students from each side moved to another country for a semester.

CUP student Zhou Ling talks about her life in Kazan, “It was difficult in the beginning, mainly because of the professional terminology. But I got used in a week. I find out many new things about petroleum engineering and seismic studies in class. It’s also useful to learn academic writing. But the most impressive are KFU educators! They are very warm to international students, they explain complex matters in a plain manner, and help us progress rapidly in the studies.”

She shares that she really grew fond of Russia’s fresh air, blue sky, and white snow. She also wants to travel in Russia and see northern lights.

Conversely, Ravil Yusupov is currently in China with his classmates. He says, “Master’s student exchange gives unique knowledge and experience. We communicate with local students and learn oil recovery techniques usual for China. The course is in English, as it is in Russia, which really helps me improve my language proficiency. Every day we have 1 or 2 classes. Interestingly, the learning process doesn’t involve as much computer work or lab work as we got used to at KFU.”

Beijing has made a striking impression on the Russian visitors, “It’s a highly developed and modern city reflecting the rich culture of the nation. We have been in Tiananmen Square and toured the Forbidden City. We are soon planning to visit the Great Wall. After returning to Russia and completing my studies, I want to find employment at one of the leading Russian oil companies. I’ve been invited by Tatneft, and I will definitely ponder this opportunity.”