Kazan University partook in Thermal Oil Recovery 2023 conference in Ankara, Türkiye

Kazan University partook in Thermal Oil Recovery 2023 conference in Ankara, Türkiye

A sizable Kazanian delegation visited the country on 20 – 22 November, including Vice-Rector for Earth Sciences Danis Nurgaliev and Chair of the Department of Petroleum Engineering Mikhail Varfolomeev.

Since 2016, TheOR has become an established presence in the oil industry, attracting many experts from dozens of countries. This sixth iteration took place in Türkiye. Previous non-Russian locations were China (2018), Colombia (2021), and Azerbaijan (2022).

Among the conference partners were Middle East Technical University, KFU, Turkish Petroleum Corporation, and Tatneft, Russia’s first oil company to confidently break even in ultra-viscous oil recovery.

The opening ceremony featured contributions by Rector of METU Mustafa Verşan Kök, Dr Danis Nurgaliev, President of Turkish Petroleum Corporation Melih Han Bilgin, and Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology of Türkiye Ahmet Yozgatlıgil.

“This year’s conference featured 8 plenary lecturers, 4 keynote lectures, 35 technical presentations, and 11 poster presentations. The conference participants could also visit the specialized exhibition, where leading oil and gas industry companies operating in Türkiye, widely known for their developments in the relevant field, were exhibited,” commented Dr Varfolomeev.

Employees of KFU’s Center for Liquid Hydrocarbons spoke about thermal treatment, steam injection, in-situ combustion, thermochemical methods, and some other unique techniques like catalytic aquathermolysis.

The conference was aimed at balancing traditional and non-traditional technologies, fundamental and applied research, modeling and experiments, academic discussion and the industry’s pertinent demands. In conclusion, everyone was invited to tour the Research Center of the Turkish Petroleum Corporation to discuss cooperation opportunities.

Naturally, an extensive cultural program was also offered with tours of the capital city.