TNG Group’s education and production center opened at the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies

TNG Group’s education and production center opened at the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies

The ceremony took place on 31 August.

It featured General Director of TAGRAS Holding LLC Lenar Nazipov, General Director of TNG Group LLC Yan Sharipov, and Vice-Rector for Earth Sciences, Director of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies Danis Nurgaliev.

Mr Nazipov noted the significance of the new facility, “We have been cooperating with Kazan University for a long time. If earlier the cooperation was limited only to issues related to the training of one specific group of students, now we set the task to ensure that students in the course of their studies are ready to implement real projects.”

Mr Sharipov joined in by saying, “The point is that this is not only a technological requirement; the company has a high demand for professional staff. We have been cooperating with KFU for a long time. The lion’s share of our staff is formed by university graduates, but today we have a need to accelerate the training of specialists, so we are getting as close to the university as possible in order to systematically organize our work. Today we are making the first step in terms of accelerating the training of specialists who process and interpret seismic data. There is a colossal problem with the training of specialists at the level of party chief, technical head of exploration, and we need loggers. Today, specialists enter professional life three to four months after they start work. We should minimize the period of specialists’ preparation for production activities as much as possible.”

Vice-Rector Nurgaliev shared that the University’s main objective is to attract talents, “Companies also realize that the most important thing is people, and it is necessary to train specialists who intend to work. Today, bachelors and masters need to be retrained and their competencies need to be expanded. But this center will train specialists for TNG-Group on specific projects, and they will be immediately involved in the work on production projects, will learn to create real projects. This center will provide systematic training. I think that we will be able to train a specialist in seismic data processing in two or three years. This will be a powerful forge of personnel for the company.”

He emphasized that TNG Group is a locomotive among Russian oilfield service companies, and cooperation with Kazan Federal University will bear fruit in the near future. The infrastructure of the KFU laboratory complex and the experience, competencies and capacities of TAGRAS Holding will yield wonderful results.