Freshmen welcomed by Institute leadership

Freshmen welcomed by Institute leadership

On September 1, the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of Kazan Federal University hosted a meeting of freshmen. This year, 405 students enrolled here, with 240 of them for bachelor’s degree and 165 for master’s degree.

Danis Nurgaliev, Vice-Rector for Earth Sciences and Institute Director, greeted the young people, “It is nice to see young men and women with a sparkle in their eyes, who today have become students of Kazan Federal University. 50 years ago, like you, I entered the geology department. I was very worried, I didn’t know what kind of relationships with my classmates and other students would be like. But then I found friends here and was able to realize my biggest dream – to travel the world. Thanks to my profession, I have visited all continents, even the Antarctic! Know that you have made the right choice by enrolling in our institute: KFU is ranked 40th in the world in Petroleum Engineering. Kazan Federal University is also a higher education institution on the basis of which a world-class research center in luquid hydrocarbons has been established. At Kazan Federal University a lot of opportunities open before you. It is not for nothing that the motto of our institute is: “We graduate not only the best specialists for the oil and gas industry of the country but also successful and happy people!”.

Ildus Chukmarov, Deputy Director for Marketing, noted that the Knowledge Day coincides with the Director’s birthday. He congratulated Dr. Nurgaliev and wished him good health, peace, warmth and prosperity.

“Boys and girls, I congratulate you on your admission to the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies! Together with teachers, partners and experts, we will do our best so that you can manage the project called Life and achieve the best. Our Center for Advanced Education (CdoGEO) will help you in this! Take a professional retraining course with us and get a diploma in any direction: geology, oil and gas business, metrology, surveying, geodesy and so on. If you wish to enter an English-speaking master’s program or work in a large international company, then take a course of professional translation in parallel with your main studies. Professional retraining will help you become competitive and highly paid specialists. And if you want to earn money in industrial practice, then get a working profession of oil and gas production operator 3rd class. Those who already want to take a managerial position can acquire the necessary knowledge in economics, management and finance in the oil and gas industry. But for now I wish you to study and pass the first exam season! Have a good journey,” he said.

Andrey Teryokhin, Deputy Director for Internships and Employment, noted that with many freshmen he has already taken a long way in preparation for various geological events, “Today you are meeting Knowledge Day as students for the first time, and I congratulate you on that! Probably each of you formed an image of your future at school, chose a profession and made an important step by entering the university. But in order to become good specialists and move towards the goal, it is necessary not only to study and absorb knowledge. Work on yourselves, participate in events, conferences and strive for new heights!”

As he noted, many students after graduation are employed by major oil and gas companies. Diana Garaeva became one of such graduates. After completing her bachelor’s degree in geology, she entered a master’s degree program in petroleum engineering and now works at Orenburgneft LLC, part of Rosneft. Diana had some words for the audience, “I am very glad that you have enrolled in our institute. Very soon you will get into this friendly atmosphere, get to know your classmates and start going to your classes. Each of you has hopes and dreams, for the realization of which it is necessary not only to study well, but also to be able to apply knowledge in practice – for this university provides all opportunities. Try to show yourselves not only in your studies, but also in sports and cultural life of the university. I remember with pleasure how I participated in the Freshman Day, Student Spring, playedf futsal in the women’s team and developed my scientific skills in case studies, seminars and conferences. I wish that your studies will bring you benefit and pleasure!”